Governance overview

Our governance

All.Can is an international multi-stakeholder policy initiative which is led by its members. Members are responsible for all major decisions linked to the overall group’s strategic plan, its scope of activities, governance and approval of new members. Our members have ultimate control over our work programme.

All members’ opinions and contributions are valued – and considered equal – irrespective of membership status.

To guarantee All.Can’s independence, transparency* and multi-stakeholder engagement in our decision-making processes, we have a robust governance structure in place (see diagram below):

*The All.Can secretariat, provided by The Health Policy Partnership, is registered with the EU Transparency Register

Geographical scope

All.Can international operates at a European level, as well as including Canada and Australia. National All.Can initiatives also exist as independent initiatives in several countries. These are part of the All.Can family but have their own governance structure. They may use the All.Can branding as long as they agree to adhere to the All.Can international terms of reference in writing.

For further information about national All.Can initiatives, see All.Can around the world.