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Cancer care in Germany

In Germany, quality of cancer care is at its highest and access to treatment is generally not restricted. However, challenges remain, such as demographic changes and the fact that the welcome boost to survival rates thanks to innovative therapies has led to increased pressure on services to provide long-term care.

All.Can Germany initiative

All.Can Germany was established in a kick-off event in November 2016, where members of the steering group convened to define key needs in German cancer care. The initiative looks holistically at the whole patient pathway, from diagnosis and specialised cancer treatment to rehabilitation, returning to everyday life and follow-up care – not to forget crucial aspects such as psycho-oncology, specialist cancer nursing and translational cancer research. All.Can Germany aims to develop concepts to overcome gaps between these steps and in the future of cancer care: between self-help and physicians, intersectorally between stationary and ambulatory care, and linking cancer care with cancer research. Creating better links and interactions helps to reduce inefficiencies and improve cancer care overall, always focusing on patient needs.

Activities and milestones

In 2017, All.Can Germany aims to optimise the patient pathway in cancer care. A number of activities are planned throughout the year, including the All.Can roadshow.

The roadshow consists of a series of events at locations across Germany. It will provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss with policymakers crucial challenges in the current cancer patient pathway. It aims to identify best practice at each location.

Discussions will span topics including: diagnosis; specialised cancer treatment; psycho-oncology; translational cancer research; specialist cancer nursing; support services during treatment; returning to everyday life and follow-up care; palliative care; rehabilitation and regional specificities in cancer care and oncology networks.

Locations have been selected based on where links to these topics, such as existing expertise or initiatives, were found. The roadshow aims to identify opportunities in cancer care and raise awareness of examples of best practice that may be reproducible elsewhere in Germany.

The roadshow series begins in August in Bremen.

Roadshow stop 1, August 2017

The first stop of the roadshow will be at the Cancer Society of Bremen, focusing on supporting services during treatment, like sports and nutrition.

Roadshow stop 2, August 2017

The second stop of the roadshow will take place at the University Clinic of Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt and will discuss the topic of psycho-oncology.

Roadshow stop 3, August 2017

The third stop of the roadshow, in Buxtehude, close to Hamburg, will focus on self-help and handling the diagnosis cancer.

Roadshow stop 4, November 2017

On the fourth stop, the members of the steering group will meet with the Martini Clinic in Hamburg to get thorough insights into the topic of highly specialized cancer therapy.

Roadshow stop 5, December 2017

In the far north of Germany in St. Peter-Ording at the North Sea Coast, the All.Can-initiative will visit a specialized rehabilitation facility for cancer patients to discuss, among other things, the concept of medical/vocational orientation in rehabilitation.


The All.Can international initiative comprises leading representatives from patient organisations, policymakers, healthcare professionals, research and industry. All members contribute their time for free to the initiative, and all publications from the group reflect consensus of the members, who hold full editorial control.
The All.Can international initiative is made possible with financial support from Bristol-Myers Squibb (lead sponsor), Amgen and MSD (co-sponsors). The All.Can Germany initiative is financially supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb.


All.Can is a trademark of The Health Policy Partnership Limited.

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Saskia Mersmann

Steering group

Dr. Rainer Hess

Dr. Rainer Hess

GVG Committee on Health Goals

Dr. Patrick Jahn

Dr. Patrick Jahn

Director for Clinical Nursing Research at University Clinic Halle (Saale) and board member at the Conference of (paediatric) oncological care

Dr. Karsten Kratz-Albers

Dr. Karsten Kratz-Albers

Vice Chairman of the Association of Hematologists and Oncologists in Germany

Prof. Dr. Stephan Schmitz

Prof. Dr. Stephan Schmitz

Chairman of the Association of Hematologists and Oncologists in Germany

Tino Sorge, MP

Tino Sorge, MP

German MP, Member of the Parliamentary Health Committee

Anita Waldmann

Anita Waldmann

Chair, Leukemia Support Group Rhine-Main

Wolfgang Zöller

Wolfgang Zöller

Former Patient Representative of the German Government