What is this <br/>survey for?

What is this
survey for?

Failing to focus on what matters to patients may lead to inefficiencies in cancer care. Unless we address these inefficiencies, we risk not being able to offer patients the quality of care they need. That’s why we’re asking patients like you to share your perspective on how the care experience could be improved.

Why should I <br/>take part?

Why should I
take part?

If current trends continue, one in two people is expected to get cancer in their lifetime. With limited resources, we must make cancer care as efficient as possible. We can only achieve this by focusing on what matters most to patients.

How will my input help improve cancer care?

How will my input help improve cancer care?

Your responses will be used to inform discussions with policymakers on how to improve cancer care. We aim to bring the voice of the patient into the decision-making process, in an effort to ensure cancer policies focus on meaningful outcomes for patients above all other considerations.

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Who we are

All.Can, an initiative set up to tackle waste and inefficiency in cancer care, is leading this research project with the support of Quality Health, an experienced survey provider.

About All.Can:

All.Can was set up to engage policymakers on the need to improve the efficiency of cancer care, focusing on better outcomes for patients. All.Can comprises leading representatives from patient organisations, policymakers, healthcare professionals, research and industry.
For more information about All.Can, please visit http://www.all-can.org/

About Quality Health:

Quality Health has over 30 years’ unrivalled experience and knowledge of running patient, service user and staff surveys. Its work covers all aspects of the survey process, including sampling, questionnaire development, survey administration and analysis of data. For more information about Quality Health, please visit https://www.quality-health.co.uk/