How will my input help improve cancer care?

Your insights will form part of proposals to policymakers on how to improve cancer care for all.

We will analyse your responses – and those of thousands of cancer patients from nine countries – alongside other data sources. Our findings will form the basis of discussions with policymakers on what needs to change, at a policy and practice level, to improve the lives of cancer patients.

We believe that the patient’s voice must be represented when decisions are taken. Our aim is to help create meaningful, structural changes to cancer care, always focusing on the patient above all else.

Findings from the survey will be presented at conferences and disseminated among the clinical and patient community. We will also expect to publish our work in research journals. We hope that you can be a part of this by completing our survey.

‘We have to put patients’ needs first, because that is what it’s really all about. What are we doing as physicians? As caregivers? We are taking care of patients.’

Dr Matti Aapro, Clinique Genolier, Switzerland; Board Member, European CanCer Organisation; Member of All.Can