Cancer Care in Denmark

For the last 20 years, Denmark has achieved significant results for Danish cancer patients. Cancer plans and cancer patient pathways have been an important factor the burden of cancer continues to grow, with even more cancer patients and new challenges. The five-year survival rate for cancer in Denmark lacks behind neighboring countries such as the Nordics – primarily due to differences in lifestyle, timely detection and early diagnosis.

All.Can Denmark’s goal is to create a national multi-stakeholder group consisting of key players in the field of cancer care, with its participants working together to identify barriers and suggest potential solutions. All.Can Denmark is a national task force with a global outlook that continuously turns to the other All.Can initiatives around the world for inspiration.

The All.Can Denmark Initiative

All.Can Denmark is a multi-stakeholder initiative consisting of key players in the field of cancer care: Experts, organizations, patient associations, and decision-makers.

The overall aim of All.Can Denmark is to create better conditions and sustainable cancer care for Danish cancer patients by prioritizing and launching initiatives that improve cancer treatment.

Since 2020, the group has focused on early diagnosis. All.Can Denmark’s ambition is to set the agenda within cancer care by creating a strong interdisciplinary multi-stakeholder group within cancer care by combining visions, research, and day-to-day experience.

The multi-stakeholder group meets two to three times a year to discuss challenges, opportunities, and possible initiatives such as roundtable discussions, conferences, webinars, etc. to set the agenda in the field of cancer care for the sake of Danish cancer patients.

All.Can Denmark – Activity Update

In 2020 the All.Can Denmark network was relaunched and new strong members within the field of cancer were included. The network met…

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All.Can Denmark consists of a number of key players in the field of cancer: Experts, organizations, patient associations and decision makers.

A newly launched position paper focuses on early diagnosis in Denmark

The Danish government has just announced that a new Cancer plan, ‘Cancer plan V’, will be presented soon. In this light, All.Can Denmark has described five areas of action, which we hope the Danish politicians will take into account in their forward-looking work to improve early diagnosis in Denmark. 

All.Can Danmark positionspapir 2023

Achievements 2022

In March 2022, All.Can Denmark hosted another big national conference: “Cancer Summit: Can local communities strengthen early detection?” Attended by some of Denmark’s leading experts and politicians, the event’s purpose was to present the work of All.Can Denmark and create further awareness of the networks’ efforts. Other activities undertaken by the National initiative include dialogue with the Danish parliament, relevant experts and opinion-makers, establishing a steering group, organising two network meetings, and increased social media activity.

Outlook 2023

All.Can Denmark will continue focusing on early diagnosis and inequality in cancer treatment. In the attempt to have an even greater focus on shaping the Danish policy environment in 2023, All.Can Denmark will launch a position paper with five implementable recommendations for strengthening early access to treatment and inequality in Denmark. The position paper and additional activities aim to improve and re-activate the political cancer debate in Denmark, focusing on early diagnosis.

All.Can Denmark – Activity Update

In 2020 the All.Can Denmark network was relaunched and new strong members within the field of cancer were included. The network met twice and initiated the work which in will…


  • Videos of All.Can Denmark members: The launch of two short films in which members of All.Can Denmark highlight the main issues within cancer care in Denmark
  • Digital event: A digital event presenting the key findings from the multi-stakeholder group and regional innovation meetings to key opinion leaders, experts, decision makers and other interested parties, to take place in spring 2021


  • Can Denmark launch: The first meeting of All.Can Denmark took place on September 30
  • Regional innovation meetings: Two meetings where central stakeholders gathered to discuss some of the discussions and topics addressed by the network in depth
  • Animated film: The launch of a short, animated film explaining the purpose of All.Can and All.Can Denmark
  • Can Denmark meets: The second meeting of All.Can Denmark took place on December 8

All.Can Denmark was officially launched in September 2020. Watch a short film explaining the purpose of All.Can Denmark.


The All.Can initiative comprises leading representatives of patient organizations, policymakers, healthcare professionals, science, and industry. All the publications produced as part of this initiative reflect a consensus of All.Can members, who retain full editorial control.

The work of All.Can Denmark is sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb. The funding supports activities that the multi-stakeholder group finds valuable in their efforts. Furthermore, the funding supports the secretariat function, e.g., data collection, preparation and facilitation of network meetings, and coordination with the multi-stakeholder group led by Lead Agency.

Members of the network do not receive any kind of honorariums, and decisions and recommendations in the group are made without considering commercial interests.

All.Can is a registered trade mark of All.Can International.