All.Can Patient Survey

76 United Kingdom About this survey in the United Kingdom The survey in the United Kingdom was conducted in partnership with All.Can UK. Data collection took place from 31 January – 23 August 2018. A total of 322 people took part in the United Kingdom survey. Respondent profile • Cancer type: breast 28% ; gynaecological 20% ; bowel/colorectal 9% ; other (various cancer types, all <5%) 43% • Gender: female 79% ; male 21% • Age: 0–24 1% ; 25–64 62% ; 65+ 37% Where did inefficiencies occur most? • My initial cancer diagnosis: 36% • Dealing with ongoing side effects: 19% • Dealing with the psychological impacts: 15% i Cancer Research UK. Lifetime risk of cancer. Available online at risk/lifetime-risk#heading-Zero ii Cancer Research UK. Cancer incidence statistics. Available online at statistics/incidence#heading-Zero iii Macmillan Cancer Support (2015). 2.5 million people now living with cancer in UK. Available online at aboutus/news/latest_news/25millionpeoplenowlivingwithcancerinukmacmillanrevealstoday.aspx ’In addition to support to manage the anxiety of having a life-threatening condition, I think that more needs to be done to support people [with cancer] managing at work, i.e. managing time off, talking to your employer, understanding your rights.’ ‘I would like more information about mental health support. I asked repeatedly (oncologists, nurse and GP) and nobody was able to give me any information. I knew I had a problem, but it was extremely difficult for me to find professional support.’ 1 in 2 people in the United Kingdom will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. i In 2015, it was estimated that more than 2.5 million people in the United Kingdom were living with cancer, and there were 359,960 new cases of cancer that year. ii iii