About Us

All.Can was set up to engage policymakers on the need to improve the efficiency of cancer care, focusing on better outcomes for patients. Our aim is to identify ways we can optimise the use of our resources in cancer care.

What we do

  • Lead and commission research to gather evidence on where system inefficiencies exist, and help identify ways to improve efficiency in cancer care
  • Develop concrete tools and platforms for stakeholders to work together to ensure cancer care decisions are focused on what matters most to patients, and resources are used as effectively as possible
  • Help to implement concrete policy actions based on these findings.

How we work together

All.Can comprises leading representatives from patient organisations, policymakers, healthcare professionals, research and industry. All members contribute their time for free to the initiative, and all publications from the group reflect consensus of the members, who hold full editorial control.
The All.Can initiative is made possible with financial support from Bristol-Myers Squibb (main sponsor), Amgen, MSD and Johnson & Johnson (sponsors).

Secretariat for the group is provided by The Health Policy Partnership Ltd, an independent consultancy which is paid for this role.

None of the content of All.Can discussions or activities is specific or biased to any specific treatment or therapy.