In 2022, to mark three years of the Hub, All.Can International examined the lessons that can be learnt from the collection of examples featured on the Efficiency Hub, which are now over 40. Initiatives are selected from across the entire patient care pathway, from diagnosis to palliative care and survivorship; they can be from any country. This think piece, written by The Health Policy Partnership with the input from All.Can members, highlights the kind of solutions that have been identified to address some of the most prominent challenges facing cancer care. The exercise led to the identification of the following lessons about how inefficiencies in cancer care can be effectively addressed in practice:

  1. Reduce diagnostic delays
  2. Move care closer to home
  3. Support people beyond active treatment
  4. Tailor care to the specific needs of children
  5. Help people navigate care pathways
  6. Develop solutions to maximise local resources
  7. Use data and online platforms for precision medicine


Link to download: Achieving-efficiency-in-practice-Lessons-learnt-from-the-AllCan-Efficiency-Hub