Why launch an All.Can national initiative?

Launching an All.Can national initiative can help to address current and future challenges in cancer care by shaping the national healthcare environment and the way it addresses the issue of efficiency and sustainability of cancer care.

National initiatives are the most effective way to identify the needs of specific healthcare systems and implement solutions into national cancer plans and policies, by bringing stakeholders together.

The international All.Can initiative acts as a hub, connecting national initiatives with one another and sharing examples of successes and best practice from around the world.

Once a national initiative has been approved, it can:

  • Have a dedicated page on the All.Can website;
  • Nominate one member to join the All.Can membership representing the national initiative;
  • Appoint a local secretariat contact to join All.Can’s national initiatives working group;
  • Receive the regular All.Can internal newsletter.

Process for joining

The All.Can international Board of Directors needs to approve national initiatives before they may be launched. The administrative process for a new initiative to officially be recognised and granted use of the All.Can name and branding is as follows:

  • The organisers should prepare a presentation of their initiative for approval of their plans.
  • The international Board of Directors will ratify the application by majority vote. The national initiative organisers will receive feedback from All.Can international.
  • If the national initiative is approved, the organisers will sign a letter of consent stating that they agree to abide by the principle of non‑promotionality and overall Terms of Reference. In exchange, the initiative will be permitted to use the All.Can branding and logo.
  • This letter forms a contract between the national initiative and All.Can international, which holds the intellectual property for the trademark of All.Can.

Important criteria for consideration

When a new national initiative is presented to the international Board of Directors, it will be assessed based on how well the national initiative plan has clearly defined:

  • Aims and objectives
  • Scope of work
  • Governance model (i.e. decision-making process, editorial guidelines, secretariat for neutrality)
  • Diversity of membership
  • Multi-sponsor funding model
  • Representative to join All.Can international
  • Terms of Reference

For further details, please download the national initiatives toolkit.