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European Commission’s Cancer Mission brief refers to All.Can publication

The new ‘Foresight on Demand Brief in Support of the Horizon Europe Mission Board’, a report prepared by experts for the European Commission to inform the Cancer Mission Board’s strategy, draws on the importance of improving the efficiency of cancer care with reference to the…

Eduardo Pisani moderates Fortune Health Italia’s ‘Forum Health’

On 27 September, All.Can CEO Eduardo Pisani moderated a debate on international collaboration to improve the sustainability of health systems and patient outcomes at the Fortune Italia Health’s Forum Health…

SPCC Webinar Series – 6 September: The potential of data to improve efficiency in cancer care

The next SPCC webinar taking place on 6 September 2021 at 6 PM CEST will discuss “The potential of data to improve efficiency in cancer care”. Among the speakers will…

UICC blog post by Eduardo Pisani ‘Reducing equity gaps in cancer care through innovation and data: the All.Can perspective’

All.Can CEO Eduardo Pisani has contributed to the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) blog with an article highlighting the the vital role of data in making equitable access to…

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