Call to Action

1 Place patients at the heart of cancer policy

“As a patient, it is extremely frustrating and desperately worrying to be told that there is not enough money to fund the cancer care, support and treatments you need when there is so much obvious waste within the healthcare system.”

Kathy Oliver
The International Brain Tumour Alliance

2 Invest in data

“We need to collect outcomes that matter to people in a standardised way… To start, we need to bring together communities of cancer providers from across the globe that sign up to this idea – so that together we can implement standardised measurement and enable its use by patients and professionals.”

Thomas Kelley
The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement

3 Create greater accountability

“Too often, we don’t have the data available to really scrutinise the impact of given interventions or practices on patients across the entire cancer care pathway, and our efforts collapse into short-term cost-containment as a result.”

Vivek Muthu
Marivek Health Consulting

4 Focus political will

“Inefficiencies in the system are a toxicity. There is no single formula for all countries that will deliver sustainable care, but we can agree on key principles, and make recommendations where efficiencies could be made to improve patient care.”

Lieve Wierinck
Member of the European Parliament

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