Strategic objectives

  • Improving the care of oncological patients in Romania
  • Undertaking activities and initiatives that improve the quality, accessibility, efficiency and organization of care for oncological patients
  • Ensure sustainable and effective healthcare by involving policy makers and patient organizations
  • Developing consensus-driven recommendations / solutions to sustainability and efficiency challenges so that patients have access to high-quality cancer care

Activities for 2023

  1.  Patient survey to understand the wellbeing of cancer patients, as well as their perception on the cancer patient journey, with a focus on swift, accurate and appropriately delivered diagnosis, shared decision-making, multidisciplinary care and financial implications of cancer
  2.  Whitepaper with the results from the survey + key policy recommendations for improving the cancer patient journey by raising awareness on the current oncological framework to best contribute to the sustainability of the cancer sector, including by harnessing the power of innovation
  3.  Launch of the White Paper at a National Forum with authorities, politicians, patient associations (PAGs), healthcare professionals (HCPs) and media to present the conclusions & recommendations and discuss next steps & options for the cancer patients.

All.Can strives to become a platform for all stakeholders in the cancer area, ranging from patients and patient associations, doctors, representatives of public authorities to increase the quality of life of Romanian patients living with oncological conditions.


Point PA Simona Potop & Ileana Neamțu

Sponsoring Allies

Bristol-Myers Squibb




Johnson & Johnson

Knowledge Partners

Federation of Associations of Cancer Patients – Romania

College of Pharmacists – Romania


InoMed – Center for Innovation in Medicine

Comunicat de presa All.Can Romania

Past events

All.Can Romania Launch

12 December 2023

The Palace of the Parliament, Romanian Senate, Dimitrie Cantemir Hall

On the occasion of the launch event of All.Can Romania, we will have the opportunity to present a public policy document with concrete recommendations, focused on the needs of patients,…

Whitepaper All.Can Romania