The Hellenic Cancer Federation (ELLOK) is organizing its 8th Annual Congress from February 2nd to 4th at the Wyndham Grand Athens Hotel in Athens, under the title:

«Person -centered cancer care: Co-creating the Framework»

This year’s thematic sessions will cover various topics, including:

  • Addressing cancer as a priority for the National Health System
  • Reviewing drug policy as a prerequisite for a sustainable healthcare system
  • Prevention as a strategic choice for cancer management
  • Comorbidities and the need for an Integrated Interdisciplinary Care Approach
  • Quality in care and patient safety as prerequisites for an efficient oncological care model
  • Towards a new environment in oncology: precision medicine, artificial intelligence, clinical research
  • Focusing on survival – Ending the Discriminations against cancer survivors: the Right to Be Forgotten, post-treatment support, special needs of children & young adults
  • The impact of cancer on mental health

Each session will include presentations and roundtable discussions with distinguished speakers, scientists, policymakers, and patient representatives.

All.Can International will be represented during the 5th session of the event “Standardization, recording & utilization of efficiency indicators in oncological care” by Matthew Hickey and Madalina Iamandei.

The goal is to actively involve the audience in the discussion, highlighting major issues in oncological care and presenting proposals for improvement, from the perspectives of patients and healthcare professionals.

The Congress is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and scientific medical societies.

You can watch the All.Can presentations below.