All.Can International is pleased to announce that the Bulgarian Joint Cancer Network has recently joined our organisation as a member.

Established in 2021, the Bulgarian Joint Cancer Network (BJCN) is a non-governmental non-profit association with public benefit activities.

In social terms, it is an open cluster organization, that functions as an ecosystem of medical and non-medical societies with a wide range of multidisciplinary interrelations in the field of oncology.

BJCN is the only non-governmental health cluster and designed to provide expert activity in the field of clinical oncology through synergy between the scientific societies in Bulgaria.

The BJCN operates through network synergies, being differentiated into cluster sectors and relevant coordination groups, adhering to three principles:

1) multiplication of cluster interactions,
2) exchange of mutual benefits and
3) positive external cluster effect.

Their goals are to:

  • Building Bridges: moving beyond toward open EU collaboration, optimize the network within the cluster and the “triangle” of social knowledge (universities, industry, government);
  • Ecosystem: achieve synergy in the expert functions and all Stakeholders in Bulgaria for empowering and implementing solutions in direct correlation with the National Cancer Plan;
  • Co-create: an sustainable environment as prerequisite for development of innovative oncological care in Bulgaria, through the imperatives of screening and prevention, diagnosis and treatment, psychosocial support and quality of life, and tech-convergence.