All.Can International is pleased to announce that the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy has recently joined our organisation as a member.

The GCR is dedicated to increasing access to radiotherapy by enabling the collaboration of radiotherapy experts working to find synergies amongst the radiotherapy community at large with the mission to save 1 million lives by 2035 through worldwide understanding and proactive implementation of innovations and best practices in radiotherapy.

The GCR shares the vision of All.Can to implement efficient cancer care and practice. In particular, the GCR aims to improve access to quality radiotherapy by: 

1. Advocating with a powerful, informed, and unified global voice for radiotherapy

2. Facilitating identification, analysis, and introduction of disruptive strategies to make the next-generation advances in radiotherapy.

3. Connecting the radiotherapy and wider cancer community with new technology, innovations, and scientific/ policy partners and networks to share knowledge and global solutions in training, workforce, quality assurance, value-based care, and health-economic assessments

4. Working to develop and ensure optimal delivery of interaction with radiotherapy and systemic therapy, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

5. Responding to cancer patients in crises: global pandemics, war, environmental disaster. Utilizing the global network to facilitate data collection, patient transfer and knowledge sharing to provide equitable access to radiotherapy.

GCR is interested in having an active and constructive role in All.Can by providing and exchanging expertise in cancer policy and advocating for positive policy change.