On 27 May 2021, All.Can International launched its latest policy report Harnessing data for better cancer care.

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The report assesses the essential role of data in cancer care to improve outcomes for all people with cancer. It offers policymakers, care providers, patients and decision-makers a forward-looking view of how to ensure high-quality health data are systematically collected and used to improve outcomes for patients across the entire cancer care pathway.

‘Healthcare systems around the world have not fully harnessed the potential of data to transform cancer care – but we hope to move the needle forward with our report findings and recommendations,’ said Matthew Hickey, Chief Executive Officer of The Health Value Alliance and All.Can International Research and Evidence Working Group Co-Chair, who presented the findings to a global audience of cancer policy leaders at the All.Can Global Summit.

The recommendations are based on a structured literature review, 16 expert interviews and consultation with the All.Can International Data Working Group and an External Advisory Committee. All.Can aims to identify ways of optimising the use of resources in cancer care to deliver the best-quality care for patients – and data are central to achieving this.

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To find out more about Harnessing data for better cancer carevisit our dedicated project page.