– Starting from the major outcomes of the “Improving Efficiency in Cancer Care: 2020-2021” project, held in collaboration with All.Can and SDA Bocconi School of Management, SPCC is currently working with All.Can on an educational project for 2023 focusing on the essential role of Data in Cancer Care to improve outcomes across the Cancer Care Continuum (from screening to diagnosis, from treatment and care to follow-up and survivorship).


The project will try to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide a general overview of the Health Data dimension in cancer care
  • To increase knowledge on Data collection and its use
  • To raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities
  • To update on the new policy trends in Health Data (EU, USA, AU)
  • To gain (measurable) knowledge and awareness of the topics presented and discussed
  • To stimulate and increase knowledge of models and opportunities for implementing data-driven policies and management in cancer care
  • To share best practices to be replicated in other geographical contests or setting
  • To reach a global content dissemination (also to key strategic decision makers at national/regional level)

HCPs – Medical Oncologists – Radiation Oncologists – Radiologists – Pathologists – Oncology Nurses – Data Managers – Oncology Pharmacists – Patient Organisations and Advocates – Healthcare Managers – Policy Experts – Ministry experts


Webinar 1 – 05 July 2023 from 18:00 to 19:00 CEST (with connection at 17:40 CEST)

Webinar Title: A data-driven approach to improve diagnosis
Webinar Experts (3) – Sarah Hersey, US – Debbie Keatley, UK (invited, not yet confirmed) – Nicola Normanno, IT

Webinar Chair: Mark Lawler, IE       

10’          Introduction – Mark Lawler, IE

10’          Diagnostics perspective (title to be defined be the expert) – Nicola Normanno, IT

10’         Patient perspective (title to be defined be the expert) – Debbie Keatley, UK

10’         Industry perspective (title to be defined be the expert) – Sarah Hersey, US

15’          Round table discussion and Q&A

5’            Take Home Messages and Closure