All.Can International is pleased to welcome a new national initiative in Colombia.

The newly established initiative will structure its 2021 plan of activities around two working packages based on research and evidence-creation.

The first work package will focus on identifying the access barriers that affect the patients with cancer in Colombia. Special emphasis will be made on the population in rural areas, where in addition to administrative obstacles there are also geographical barriers and a limited availability of cancer specialists. A key starting point for the project will be a survey among patients and main stakeholders.

The second work package will expose how functional units in cancer can respond to the problem of complex administrative procedures and disconnected institutions involved in the cancer treatment, which results in reprocessing, delays, waste and changes that affect the outcomes expected by the treating physician. Furthermore, it will address what changes the current regulatory framework would require, so that, without deteriorating the quality, the cancer care integration is favored. Recommendations based on how effective cancer risk management will positively impact the opportunity in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and palliation will be made.