On July 1st, All.Can Greece organized a scientific webinar entitled “The  Role of Data in Cancer Care”, with the participation of many major cancer    & health care stakeholders.

During the webinar, which was livestreamed at All.Can Greece website, All.Can Greece presented its two recently launched surveys on:

  1. The delays in starting radiation therapy of cancer patients: the survey covered a detailed mapping of radiation therapy services in Greece, the challenges faced as well as sustainable & viable policy recommendations for the optimization of radiation services
  2. The delays between time of initial diagnosis and time to start cancer treatment, encompassing the current inefficiencies & hurdles resulting in the delays and policy recommendations to eliminate them.

    A special session of the webinar was dedicated to the presentation of the All.Can International recent report “Harnessing data for better cancer care”, while in another session the problems and inefficiencies of cancer care during Covid-19 pandemic in Greece were  discussed, as well as the problems the health system had to overcome to efficiently respond to the needs of cancer patients.

    For more information & the video streaming of the webinar, please click here