All.Can Greece organized a scientific webinar on 20 June 2023 entitled “Focusing on Quality: Challenges & Trends”.

The webinar’s target was to inform cancer patients, health professionals, policymakers and the public for the quality of the provided cancer care services in Greece, to record & highlight currently existing problems and to provide sustainable recommendations concerning its improvement.

More specifically, the webinar comprised lectures concerning:

-the amendments needed on the legislation concerning the expansion of the current list of recompensated biomarkers as a prerequisite to the improvement of new patient-tailored therapies

-the critical role of the National Organization For Health Care Services (EOPYY) on the evaluation of current cancer care provided services towards a more efficient cancer care funds spending

-the importance of cancer patients’ participation in cancer care research & oncological surveys & in synergies concerning the provision of high-quality cancer care.

Moreover, during the webinar, there were lectures presenting the new financial trends about the cancer care in a worldwide level, as well as the need for a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach in cancer care in the country.

Read more details (in Greek) about the webinar here: