The Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea (MOHW) announced its ‘Comprehensive Plan for Cancer Management,’ which is published every 5 years with the goal to mitigate personal pain, impact and the social burden caused by cancer, while enhancing the health of the citizens at national level.

In March 2021, ‘The 4th Comprehensive Plan for Cancer Management’ was announced entailing action plan for 2021-2025 period with the vision for ‘Healthy Nation with No Worries from Cancer’, including strategies such as

  • activation of big data on cancer,
  • advancing cancer prevention and screenings,
  • cancer treatment, and sufficient responses,
  • the establishment of an equality-centric cancer management.

Henceforth, All.Can Korea seeks a project in consideration of the government’s ‘Comprehensive Plan for Cancer Management’ in addition to making recommendations for improvements.

All.Can Korea selected its future key project based on a survey result amongst cancer patient in 2020. Its short-term objective is to launch a campaign for improving awareness on the need for psychological support for cancer patients, while mid-long term objectives are to

  • improve the inefficiencies in cancer diagnosis for the low-income bracket,
  • to further refine and improvement of various policies and laws designed to support patients.

As the current ‘Comprehensive Plan for Cancer Management’ does not address the importance of psychological support for cancer patients, All.Can Korea is looking forward to invite relevant experts to its forum as an opportunity to propose the Korean Government constructive solutions.