All.Can Norway has entered into a collaboration with the Norwegian “Cancer Compass” (Kreftkompasset) to ensure the publication of their book “Every day counts – life after cancer”.
The goal of the book is to provide good advice and insight into life after a cancer diagnosis. The book has eight personal stories about how life is turned upside down after receiving the tough message that you have cancer.
Cancer Compass has a vision to contribute to increased quality of life for people who have, or have had cancer, and their relatives – thus, this collaboration is a perfect fit with the strategy of All.Can Norway.
Joining forces
All.Can Norway wants to enforce the focus on “prehabilitation” and a “safe and reliable discharge” for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer – both are important needs that are highlighted in this book.
Prehabilitation refers to how the individual patient can be best prepared for the treatment, while safe and reliable discharge is about how the time after the treatment should be set up in the best possible way.
Practical advice
Many people are not prepared to experience major challenges when cancer treatment is completed, which is why this book is important. It gives the reader both concrete advice on what they themselves can do to master everyday life, but also to understand that they are not alone.
The book also contains a chapter on what it is like to live with cancer, which is becoming increasingly common.
In the book, you meet eight people of different ages, with different cancer diagnoses. Each person reflects on the challenges they experience after cancer treatment and put these thoughts into words.
Each chapter has a personal description – followed by practical and professional advice.
The topics covered are:
1. Coming home
2. Side effects and health complications
3. Mastery
4. Accepting your new everyday life
5. Sex and cohabitation
6. Relationships
7. Living with cancer
8. Control and anxiety about relapse
Launch in November
The book will be launched in November and will primarily be sold online and directly to companies, organizations, and associations.