We imagine a world in which patients are always at the heart of sustainable cancer care

We are an international multi-stakeholder initiative set up to identify ways to optimise the efficiency of cancer care by focusing on improving outcomes for patients.


Together #WeAllCan

About us

About us

The All.Can group comprises leading representatives from patient organisations, policymakers, healthcare professionals, research and industry from across Europe and Canada.

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About us

All.Can at 2

Our annual report celebrates the achievements of All.Can's second year and looks at how we plan to move forward with our projects in 2019.

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About us

All.Can around the world

Find out about the national All.Can initiatives working to improve efficiency in cancer care in their respective countries.

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Animation: About All.Can

Our animation details the problem of inefficiency in cancer care, possible solutions and the key areas we are focusing on.

As part of our patient survey project, we'll be launching a report focusing on where patients reported improvements could be made to their care. By listening to patients, we can concentrate our efforts on areas that matter most. bit.ly/Changing-cancer pic.twitter.com/1phmhcjkUz