All.Can Poland took part in the IX Summer Academy of Oncology for the second time. The initiative was represented by Szymon Chrostowski, Chairman of the Steering Group of All.Can Poland, and Dr. Jakub Gierczyński, Institute of Healthcare Management at the Lazarski University, member of All.Can Poland.

During the session on the system of cancer patient care, entitled: “Are we going in the right direction? Analysis of changes in cancer care in Poland in 2017-2019. Diagnoza “presented an analysis prepared by the All.Can Steering Group of changes in oncological care in Poland, which took place in 2017-2019. The” Diagnosis “presents both achievements and issues requiring urgent action. Among them were the needs:

  • shortening the patient’s path – from diagnosis to treatment
  • introducing diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation standards
  • improving access to innovative therapies

The Summer Oncology Academy is an initiative aimed at bringing the achievements of modern medicine to the public, as well as raising awareness of unmet health needs in cancer. Outstanding oncologists and public health experts who met journalists from all over Poland specializing in medical journalism were invited to participate in the event.

We encourage you to watch the session with the participation of All.Can representatives: