The Health Market Forum was held for the 15th time. Representing  All.Can Poland Beata Ambroziewicz and Szymon Chrostowski participated as panelists in 2 sessions

In the session “Financing health services in Poland” (October 21st), experts discussed the state of Polish health care finances in the light of demographic challenges and staffing problems. The speakers discussed what is possible and real thanks to the achievement of 6% of GDP expenditure on health in 2024. Beata Ambroziewicz pointed to significant solutions introduced in recent years to support the optimization of expenses related to the area of ​​oncology and outlined the most urgent needs requiring concrete steps to be taken by decision-makers. Szymon Chrostowski took part in the session “Oncology – selected therapeutic and organizational issues” (22.10) during which clinicians and Patient representatives discussed the state of Polish oncology and the challenges faced by all parties involved in oncological care in Poland.

During the panels, the representative of All.Can Poland had the opportunity to present and discuss the most important conclusions of the Diagnoza report, which summarizes the changes that have occurred in oncological care in 2017-2019 and presents the greatest challenges that require urgent action. The most important of them include: the need to shorten and coordinate the patient’s path in the process of diagnosis and treatment, consolidation of services, determining the desired quality of diagnostic, pathomorphological and genetic tests, greater access to innovative therapies and facilitating patients’ access to clinical trials.


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