During the early stages of the imposed containment due to COVID-19, All.Can Belgium issued a press release to alert on the impact of COVID-19 on cancer patients, and more in particular the delays in consultations, screening and care, and to provide suggestions on how these issues could be addressed. The press release, which includes quotations from All.Can Belgium’s Chair and Co-Chairs was widely covered in the Belgian media (TV, radio and newspaper).

In a second phase, All.Can Belgium took these messages to policymakers. The Chair and Co-Chair of All.Can Belgium were invited to the cabinet of the Federal Minister of Health, Maggie De Block and had a very constructive conversation. They agreed on drafting a memo listing all All.Can Belgium’s (practical) concerns and points of interest. Especially communication and awareness campaigns will be needed to reassure patients that sufficient measures are taken in the hospitals to guarantee safe cancer care and screening. Based on the memo both parties will see what All.Can Belgium can do to help and reinforce the message and collaborate to avoid more victims due to the COVID-19 crisis.