We are delighted to announce a new collaboration between All.Can International and the Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam (AMC) to work on the development of the Efficiency Metrics Implementation Guide.

The primary aim of this collaborative project is to create an “Efficiency Metrics Implementation Playbook” that provides a detailed framework for the implementation of previously published cancer efficiency metric categories, with a focus on the core metrics highlighted in the study.

The Playbook will serve as a guide for various stakeholders involved in cancer care, helping them understand and effectively implement these metrics in their respective contexts.

The kick-off meeting for this project took place on Wednesday, 21st June, and saw the active participation of key experts from AMC, including Niek Klazinga, Dionne Kringos, Oscar Brito Fernandes, Damir Ivanković, and Erica Barbazza.

During the meeting, the All.Can Secretariat provided an overview of the input received from the National Initiatives and Members, which was collected through the Policy Heatmap survey. This valuable input, marking Phase I of the project, will serve as a foundation for the subsequent analysis to be carried out by AMC during Phase II.

AMC further delivered an extensive presentation, shedding light on the project’s tasks, objectives, and anticipated outcomes. This comprehensive overview allowed for a deeper understanding of the project’s framework. Subsequent discussions centred around the Core Metrics and Health Systems, fostering in-depth conversations to enhance the project’s overall effectiveness.

The collaboration between All.Can International and the Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam marks a significant milestone in the development of cancer care efficiency metrics implementation. The successful kick-off meeting set the stage for further analysis and refinement, ensuring that the Playbook will be a valuable resource for stakeholders seeking to improve cancer care efficiency.

This project holds great promise in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of cancer care, ultimately benefiting patients and healthcare systems worldwide.