Today, MNI adopted its European election Manifesto, endorsed by All.Can, SNE and ESNO.  

This Call for action aims to guide the next mandate and agendas of the EU bodies, focusing on integrating nutritional care as a core component of the patient care pathway for the 2024-2029 period and fighting inequalities in patient access to nutritional care.

MNI calls on future-elected policymakers to set ambitious and evidence-based targets that deliver better patient outcomes by: 

 1 – Including early malnutrition screening in health policy plans. 

2 – Recognising that nutritional care may improve health outcomes and should be considered an essential and formal part of patient treatment 

3 – Fighting inequalities in patient access to nutritional care 

4 – Considering nutritional interventions as an investment in health. Projections highlight that malnutrition concerns 1 in 4 hospital patients and it costs an average of €170 billion a year for European countries 

5 – Ensuring the adequate clinical use of nutritional interventions 

Good patient care includes nutritional status screening, diagnosis and treatment for people who are malnourished. It’s time to act! 

Read the Manifesto here: mni_flyers-a4-2024.pdf (