The occasion provided a unique platform for our members and esteemed partner stakeholders to engage in a meaningful dialogue, offering their valuable input on the highly-anticipated Metrics Implementation Playbook project, among others.

The day started with a meeting of our Board of Directors and was immediately followed by a Strategic Workshop where All.Can’s priorities, objectives and tactics for 2024, and beyond, were openly discussed. We also delved into our mission, vision, and the core values that drive us forward.

The leadership team shared insights into the overarching goals, emphasising our commitment to continuing to drive sustainable healthcare solutions for everyone affected by cancer.

A significant part of the event was dedicated to taking stock of the progress made with the Efficiency Metrics Implementation Playbook, coordinated by the University of Amsterdam. Members had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the project’s objectives and how they can stay involved in the development of the Playbook.

The evolvement and up-scaling of the Efficiency Hub was also discussed.

The final part of the Workshop was dedicated to our external engagement and advocacy efforts in the coming year. We looked at lessons learnt in the past year and discussed tactics for 2024.

We value the perspectives of our members, and their engagement was actively encouraged throughout the event. Questions, suggestions, and constructive feedback were welcomed, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where every voice could be heard.

The insights gathered from this event will be instrumental in refining our strategies and fine-tuning the proposed projects. Your feedback will guide our next steps as we continue on our journey of growth and innovation.


The final event of the day, “The path towards efficient cancer care: Global challenges, local solutions” featured interactive sessions where participants had the opportunity to engage directly with project leaders and stakeholders. The dynamic exchange of information set the stage for a collaborative future!

A unique aspect of this gathering was the active participation of our partner stakeholders. Their perspectives and expertise added layers of depth to the discussions, providing invaluable feedback that will directly influence the direction of the Efficiency Metrics Implementation project. It was a true embodiment of the power of collaboration in driving innovation.


We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in this event, contributing to its success. Your commitment to our shared vision is truly inspiring, and we look forward to continuing this collaborative journey together.

For those who couldn’t join us live, stay tuned for a detailed summary that will be made available on our website shortly.

Alex Filicevas – All.Can International Strategic Day – Brussels 14 November 2023

George Valiotis – All.Can International Strategic Day – Brussels 14 November 2023

Matti Aapro – All.Can International Strategic Day – Brussels 14 November 2023