The latest issue of the International Brain Tumour Alliance’s (IBTA) Brain Tumour magazine features an article about striving for greater efficiency in cancer care and the All.Can initiative, authored by Suzanne Wait (All.Can secretariat). The article sets out the current cancer care paradox: significant advances in cancer diagnostics and treatment on the one hand, and increasing cancer prevalence and financial pressures on healthcare systems on the other. Improving efficiency is the key to addressing this dilemma and the main driving force of the All.Can initiative. Although challenging, there is clear evidence that improving efficiency in cancer care is both possible and achievable, and the article provides some solid examples. You can read the full article in Brain Tumour magazine.

The IBTA’s Brain Tumour magazine is published annually and has a print circulation of approximately 13,000. Copies are sent to recipients in 113 countries for free, and it is widely distributed at international neuro-oncology and cancer conferences. The magazine includes interviews with eminent medical professionals from around the world; stories from brain tumour patients and carers; information on new approaches to treatment; and news from the international brain tumour community.