All.Can Germany is continuously expanding its steering committee and focusing on two main projects in 2020.

Growing expertise in the Steering Committee

All.Can Germany is incredibly pleased to welcome three new additions to the All.Can Germany steering committee:

  • Klaus Meier (president of the German Association of Oncological Pharmacy)
  • Kerstin Paradies (speaker of the Board of the Conference on oncological nursing and pediatric care)
  • Andrew Ullmann (German MP, Member of the Parliamentary Health Committee)

Pilot project to improve access to oncological care in rural areas

On 15 May 2020 MP Tino Sorge hosted the second meeting to discuss the next steps for the regional pilot project in Saxony-Anhalt. A working group will be established soon to conceptualize the data collection phase of the project. The data would be assessed to gain cross-sector insights on the strengths and weaknesses of the current system. The second stage will be medical care intervention based on the outcome of the prior evaluated data.

Improving cancer aftercare for Cancer Survivors

All.Can Germany is working to enhance awareness for the need for improved aftercare for cancer patients. Cancer Survivors need and deserve an optimized aftercare structure. On the one hand, an improved aftercare structure offers a clear added value for cancer patients in the form of an optimized quality of life, tertiary prevention and stress and anxiety reduction. On the other hand, these patient benefits can offer great social added value, for example through more flexible reintegration models into the labor market