As part of its oncology training program, All.Can Argentina produced a new video of lung
cancer with focus in the importance of a screening program. The video includes
the participation of physicians from three different areas: Oncology,
Pneumonology and Radiology. Throughout the video, the specialists explain risk
factors, symptoms and how to diagnose lung cancer on time.  “12% of health spending is associated with tobacco-related diseases, so screening is a cost-effective way to save
lives but also to reduce health spending,” said Ignacio Zervino, coordinator
of the Lung Cancer Patients Foundation, association member of All.Can Argentina
Steering Committee.

On the framework of the International Lung Cancer Day on November 17th, All.Can
Argentina released information to media promoting the importance of early
diagnosis and sharing the new video content developed, generating a very
important media coverage.

Links to videos: