All.Can Greece, in close collaboration with Piraeus University, compiled two White Papers during the second and the third semester of 2021, examining two major problems of cancer patients in Greece, the delays in the start of radiotherapies, as well as the corresponding delays from the time of diagnosis to time of cancer treatment.

More specifically:

Both papers cover a large gap in tackling current inefficiencies and main causes of delays in cancer care and present sustainable policy recommendations and proposals. It is hoped that besides the extension of the working hours of the Radiotherapy Departments of public hospitals, that has already been achieved as a result of adopted All.Can Greece recommendations ensuing from the White Papers, the Ministry of Health will consider positively the other recommendations submitted by All.Can Greece as well.

The two White Papers, were presented at the All.Can Greece July 2021 webinar about the Role of Data in Cancer Care , a press conference held in October 2021, and a promotional video launched in November 2021.