About the All.Can efficiency hub

All.Can aims to drive sustainable healthcare solutions for everyone affected by cancer. We have already begun to identify several powerful examples of projects and initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency of cancer care; many of these are featured in our inaugural policy report. However, we wanted to do more to gather and share best practices across the cancer community. Therefore, we created the efficiency hub to collect as many examples of best practice as possible. 

This submission form aims to collect information on initiatives that identify and tackle some form of inefficiency in cancer care. We will publish examples (defined as ‘initiatives’) as part of the efficiency hub.

Efficiency hub submission form

  • Section 1: Contact information

  • Contact for further information (if different from above)

  • Section 2: General information

  • (Please provide a description of the problem (i.e. inefficiency) addressed by the initiative)
  • e.g. June 2015 – May 2018/ongoing
  • Documenting the initiative

  • Please list the specific objectives of the initiative.
  • Please provide a description of the key action(s) undertaken or planned in order to achieve the objectives.
  • Please give details of the outcomes/indicators used to assess the impact of the project.
  • Please give details of the results achieved by the initiative, and how it has affected cancer care outcomes.
  • Please specify the main obstacles encountered during the implementation of the initiative and, if appropriate, how these obstacles have been overcome and how they may have affected the results.
  • Please indicate web pages related to the project, links to publications, webinars etc. where further information and other relevant documents on the project can be found.
  • If available, please specify the amount of funding/financial resources used and/or the human resources required to set up and to run the initiative.