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All.Can policy report peer reviewed

The 2017 policy report from All.Can, Towards sustainable cancer care: Reducing inefficiencies and improving outcomes, has been peer-reviewed and published by the Journal of Cancer Policy. The Journal of Cancer Policy is a respected international journal that publishes innovative research on cancer policy.

You can read our report in the Journal of Cancer Policy here.

The All.Can report, released in January 2017, explores how limited resources can be better used to ensure the most effective treatment for cancer patients; how lessons can be learned from where inefficiencies in the system exist, where efficiency gains can be made; and how policy can create positive change.

Dr Wendy Yared, director of the Association of European Cancer Leagues and member of All.Can, said: ‘All.Can’s messages are key to improving patient outcomes and moving towards sustainable cancer care. All.Can was established to create political and public engagement on the need to improve the efficiency in cancer care, by focusing on what matters most to patients. The publication of our report in a peer-reviewed journal is a significant endorsement of the value of our research and shows that All.Can is already making a real impact.’

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