According to data shared in the Death Statistics according to Cause of Death produced by the INE (National Statistics Institute), in 2023 cancer overtook all other illnesses becoming the leading cause of death in Spain. More than 115,013 people lost their lives due to some type of tumor, representing 26.55% of all deaths registered for that year.

In 2023, tumors were the primary cause of death, accounting for 26.6% of all deaths, followed by diseases of the circulatory system. Compared to the previous year, deaths due to tumors increased by 0.2%, while those due to diseases of the circulatory system fell by 5.3%. This disparate evolution meant that, for the first time, the death rate for tumors (237.8 per 100,000 inhabitants) was higher than that for diseases of the circulatory system (237.5). 

The publication also reveals that bronchial and lung cancer are the most frequent tumours, followed by colon, pancreatic and breast cancer.

In this context, the All.Can Spain platform has presented its second report entitled ‘Cancer does not understand waiting times. 10 recommendations for improvement: from diagnosis to treatment’.


Image: Illustration showing exosomes (blue) deliver IL-12 mRNA to lung cancer cells (brown). Credit: Cheng Lab/Columbia Engineering