All.Can International is pleased to announce that it has recently joined the  Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) as an associate member.

Representing the world’s major cancer societies, ministries of health and patient groups, the UICC has a membership base of over 1200 organisations in 172 countries and collaborates with more than 50 strategic partners, uniting and supporting the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and ensure that cancer control continues to be a priority in the world health and development agenda.

Eduardo Pisani, CEO of All.Can International, comments on the joining: “All.Can International is excited to join UICC in its commitment to implement and scale up quality and sustainable programmes that address the global burden of cancer. We will advance together the vision that efficient cancer care delivers the best possible health outcomes using the human, financial, infrastructural and technological resources available, with a focus on what really matters to patients and society.”