Thursday 2 November 2023: All.Can Australia Limited has commended Cancer Australia and the Australian Federal Government on the launch of Australia’s first national Australian Cancer Plan (the Plan), a 10-year reform initiative designed to improve cancer outcomes for all Australians. This historical milestone marks the start of stakeholders in the cancer space collaborating to implement the Plan to provide lasting change for people affected by cancer.

All.Can Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that is part of a global initiative that exists to mobilise people with cancer, healthcare professionals, industry partners and other key stakeholders across health services and the broader health system to improve outcomes in cancer care.

The organisation has been advocating for change in cancer navigation, which continues to be an unmet need in Australia. All.Can Australia attended Cancer Australia’s Ministerial Roundtable in 2021 to raise the issue of cancer navigation and the opportunities that exist to improve navigation as part of the Plan.

The Cancer Care Navigation model proposed by All.Can Australia has closely considered five of the six Strategic Objectives that underpin the Plan, and directly contribute solutions in the following way:  

  1. Enhanced consumer experience: The model has been designed to leverage digital technology in combination with human resources to remove unnecessary pathway complexities experienced by patients trying to access support services. It gives patients the control they need with equity of access to information, treatment, and support.
  2. World class health systems for optimal care: The model recognises the value that existing specialist nursing services and programs deliver to the community. Due to the unique design of the model, it provides a single point of entry for all cancer patients requiring navigation support and encourages the use of existing resources. The model aims to contribute to the creation of integrated, coordinated and data-driven cancer care continuum which invites collaboration with other organisations and helps to ‘join the dots’ by triaging patients to these existing services.
  3. Strong and dynamic foundations: Rather than relying on one delivery method, the model uses technology to verify the patient’s needs, aggregate information from existing resources, and encourages face-to-face interaction with navigators only where needed.
  4. Workforce to transform the delivery of cancer care: The model leverages the experience of oncology nurses and allied health practitioners to deliver holistic support that addresses patients’ needs.
  5. Achieving equity in cancer outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: Following extensive consultation with patient organisations, healthcare professionals, experts in the cancer field and consumers, All.Can Australia has developed a pan-cancer model that has the potential to reduce barriers by allowing equitable access to cancer care, regardless of cancer type, geographic location, demographic or socioeconomic status. The model understands the unique needs of diverse communities and improves streams of communication and care pathways to ensure appropriate access and efficient delivery of care, for all.
  6. Implementing the Cancer Care Navigation model will help achieve the Plan’s strategic objectives, especially enhanced consumer experience, by supporting the implementation of a capable multidisciplinary workforce and establishment of a national cancer data ecosystem that supports evidence-based, innovative models of care that incorporate advanced technology infrastructure.

    Professor Christobel Saunders, Co-Chair of All.Can Australia and Vice-President of All.Can International, said the launch of the Plan is a significant step forward to ensure a shared approach to address the strategic objectives.  

    “Our work at All.Can Australia has long been underpinned by the principles that serve as a foundation for the Plan. Now, we are looking forward to continuing our discussion with the government and Cancer Australia on how we can add value to the Plan’s implementation over the next decade,” said Professor Saunders.

    Bill Petch, Co-Chair of All.Can Australia and Chief Executive Officer of Crohn’s Colitis Cure, said the launch of the Plan signifies the opportunity to integrate work being undertaken by different parties in the cancer space to further transform cancer care.  

    “All.Can Australia views the Plan as an opportunity to drive better connectivity and equitable access in the cancer space. Now that a long-term plan is in place, we can work together to implement and make change. It is only through a united approach that the Plan can be brought to life and make best use of existing resources to address a critical unmet need. This has been at the heart of All.Can Australia’s approach to any work we do in cancer space,” said Mr Petch.

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