Not-for-profit organisation All.Can Australia is proud to announce that Australian-US based actress, motion capture artist, dancer and creative director/producer Dani Swan has officially become the organisation’s first ambassador. This development is being shared in the lead up to World Cancer Day (4 February) to serve as a reminder of All.Can Australia’s commitment to partnering with key supporters, stakeholders and government to find real world solutions to improve health system efficiencies for cancer care.

Dani Swan with her mum, Wendy Swan.

Following the loss of her mother, Wendy Swan, to thyroid cancer metabolised to the lung, in June 2023, Dani Swan – who is a well- respected motion capture performer, actor, dancer, creative director and producer, pilates educator based in New York – wanted to honour her mother’s wish for more efficient ways for Australians impacted by cancer to access treatment, information, support and care they require.

Wendy Swan was one of the longest patients to survive on a clinical trial medication and was a steadfast advocate for people with head and neck cancer. After receiving an initial 3-month prognosis in 2012, Wendy fought hard for 21 years with the strength and support of her family, a dedicated health team and the fact that she could access a clinical trial.

According to Dani Swan, the ambassadorship with All.Can Australia is a positive step forward to put the spotlight on real life experiences to ensure future health system changes address what matters most to people impacted by cancer.

“My mum fought hard for herself, her family and for others affected by this insidious disease. As soon as I understood All.Can Australia’s mission, I knew I wanted to support and share my mum’s story to honour her legacy which is to help provide more resources like mental health and access to trial medication for all cancer patients and carers.”

“I feel proud to have the opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with All.Can Australia and give back where I can as my mum did even during her 20+ years with cancer, she never stopped fighting for a change, especially for head and neck cancer,” said Ms Swan.

Bill Petch, Co-Chair of All.Can Australia and Chief Executive Officer of Crohn’s Colitis Cure, has known and worked with the Swan family for many years through other not-for-profit organisations.

“Despite her own cancer fight, Wendy Swan gave as much time as she could to support others who were struggling with their own cancer diagnoses, even working with Head and Neck Cancer Social Club (HANCS) support group in Newcastle. Dani and her father Lyonel both share this selfless demeanour. Lyonel, taking care of Wendy without hesitation for over 20+years as well working hard to keep the family afloat like so many other carers in this world and Dani owing the drive in her life and career to her mums unwavering strength.”

“We are excited to welcome Dani’s support as All.Can Australia’s first ambassador. The Swan family will help to give a voice to thousands of families who need greater and more accessible support,” said Mr Petch.

In addition to announcing its first ambassador, All.Can Australia continues to play a pivotal role in the Australian Cancer Plan and has been formally included into the Cancer Nursing and Navigation Program’s Navigation Working group. All.Can Australia will be working alongside stakeholders, such as Cancer Australia, Cancer Council Australia, Canteen, Department of Health and Aged Care, other cancer NGOs and consumer representatives, to help inform Australia’s first program that will provide pan-cancer support.

Professor Christobel Saunders, Co-Chair of All.Can Australia and Vice-President of All.Can International, says All.Can Australia’s involvement in the planning of the Cancer Nursing and Navigation Program will allow the organisation to share its extensive expertise from a clinical, industry and consumer perspective.

“To ensure that our country’s first truly national Cancer Nursing and Navigation Program is effective, we need to create opportunities to learn and to be advised on what matters most from a clinical, industry and consumer perspective. This is why we are invested in sharing our expertise and helping government and all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Australian Cancer Plan,” said Professor Saunders.

“All.Can Australia has developed a model for a pan-cancer care navigation program, which uses data capture and technology to allow ALL Australians diagnosed with cancer access to the navigation they need to help with their cancer journey. We look forward to sharing our insights and work to ensure the proposed Cancer Nursing and Navigation Program doesn’t leave anyone behind.”

All.Can Australia will work closely with Dani Swan and Cancer Nursing and Navigation Program counterparts throughout 2024 to support a unified approach to ensure efficient and equitable support for people affected by cancer.

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