On June 8th, All.Can Spain´s Scientific Committee was received by Mr. Jorge Aboal, Director General of Health Care in Galicia, to whom it presented the national chapter of the Platform and the 1st report’s 8 recommendations.

Represented by Dr. Rafael López, president of the Fundación ECO para la Excelencia y la Calidad en la Oncología, Mr. David Trigos (coordinator of the European Patient’s Academy in Spain EUPATI), and Mrs. Fátima Rodríguez (legal adviser of EUPATI), All.Can Spain highlighted the synergies between the ambitious Galician Strategy for Cancer Management 2022-2028 and All.Can Spain’s first report, entitled: “The cancer patient experience: optimizing the circuit and improving coordination and care until diagnosis”. Additionally, we had the opportunity to jointly identify and analyze those best practices being implemented in Galicia to reduce the silos between primary and secondary care and optimize the patient´s experience from suspicion to diagnosis.

One of the key points mentioned during the conversation was the importance of achieving equity in several aspects: in time, in diagnosis, in access to treatment, and throughout the whole of Galician territory. In other words, aiming to ensure that the postcode/domicile of Galician citizens does not determine, in any way, the quality of the oncological care they receive.  

The director general described the following areas in which equity needs to be secured:

  • Time
  • Diagnosis
  • Access to treatment and technology
  • Homogenization of treatment 
  • Need to improve patient-clinician communication channel. Co-decisional and informed patient.
  • Where possible, initiatives to bring treatment closer to the patient.
  • Importance of incorporating health outcome indicators, as opposed to others such as waiting lists

In the coming months, All.Can Spain will continue to disseminate the conclusions of its 1st report to the different Autonomous Communities and identify, together with their leading cancer authorities, best practices that can serve as inspiration for other regions to improve coordination and quality of care in the first phase of the circuit.  

Please find the link to the Report: https://lnkd.in/dCSxDjvC    #Spain #Cancer #Oncology #Diagnosis