The Scientific Committee of All.Can Spain has appeared before the Health Committee of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, to present its 2nd report titled: “Cancer does not understand waiting times. 10 recommendations for improvement: From diagnosis to treatment”, which emphasizes the importance of time and highlights ten new recommendations with the primary goal of shortening the time, and improving the patient’s quality of life and overall well-being throughout the process. This report also stresses current inefficiencies in the healthcare system, underlining the need to address them in order to achieve a more efficient and equitable care circuit. 

The report was unveiled by Dr. Mariano Provencio Pulla, member of the Scientific Committee of All.Can Spain in his capacity as member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine (medical oncology). He is also, Head of the Oncology Department of the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid, professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid and president of the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (GECP). 

In addition, another member of the All.Can Spain Scientific Committee, Bernard Gaspar, president of the Spanish Association of Lung Cancer Patients (AEACaP), had the opportunity to appear on behalf of lung cancer patients.  

Following the hearing, deputies from the different parliamentary groups, were given the opportunity to submit supplementary questions and requests for information, which were to be answered Dr Mariano Provencio, who presented the report.