All.Can Spain has successfully completed its dissemination efforts aimed at conveying the recommendations from its 1st report to prominent cancer authorities within the country. The primary objective of this initiative was to present the national chapter of the Platform, articulate the recommendations outlined in this initial report, and discern the potential synergies existing between regional Cancer Strategies and the report itself. Moreover, the aim was to inspire other regions to enhance the coordination and quality of care in the first phase of the cancer circuit.

Represented by Mrs. Guadalupe Fontán, who serves as the Coordinator of the Research Institute of the General Nursing Council (CGE), the Scientific Committee of All.Can Spain had a fruitful meeting, on October 11th, with Dr. David Vicente Baz, Director of the Andalusian Oncology Strategy, and Dr. María Jesús Campos Aguilera, Head of the Prevention Service of the Directorate General for Public Health and Pharmaceutical Management at the Andalusian Ministry of Health.

During the meeting, All.Can Spain highlighted the synergies between the ambitious Andalusian Cancer Strategy for the years 2021-2023 and the content of All.Can Spain’s first report, titled: The cancer patient experience: optimising the circuit and improving coordination and care until diagnosis”. Furthermore, the gathering afforded the opportunity for a collaborative examination and identification of exemplary practices currently being implemented within the region, aimed at mitigating barriers between primary and secondary care and enhancing the overall patient experience throughout the journey from suspicion to diagnosis.

The following conclusions were drawn from the meeting:

  • Since the Andalusian Cancer Strategy is in its last stage of implementation and will remain in effect until 2023, the regional Ministry of Health will soon begin its evaluation process to better design the next Strategy
  • Andalusia is prioritizing the improvement of patient-centered care, with a particular focus on enhancing communication between healthcare providers and patients
  • Wide expansion within the region of nurses’ role as managers in Tumor Committees and development of hospital-specific protocols
  • A cervical cancer screening program for women aged 25 to 65 has been initiated, while breast cancer screening has been expanded to include five additional age groups

Please find the link to the Report:   #Spain #Cancercare #Oncology #Diagnosis