All.Can policy paper for Harnessing Data in Greek

All.Can Greece has printed the All.Can report “Harnessing data for better cancer care” translated into Greek. During the next few weeks, the report will be disseminated to the main cancer stakeholders, policy makers and patient’s associations in Greece.

Video launch about All.Can Greece surveys

In November 2021, All.Can Greece has launched a special video in English presenting a short summary from the All.Can Greece 2021 paper results about the delays in the start of cancer care and of radiotherapies for cancer patients, good practices from clinical departments during 2021, as well as policy recommendations for the improvement of cancer care in Greece.

  • Click here to see the video from All.Can Greece Youtube channel.
  • Click here to see the video (Greek subtitles edition) from All.Can Greece Youtube channel.

Webinar about safety of cancer patients & healthcare professionals

In December 2021 All.Can Greece is planning to organize a webinar about the safety of patients and healthcare professionals in mid-December. The main topics will include:

  • What is cancer patients & healthcare professionals safety? Why does it matter?
  • Cancer patients & healthcare professionals’ safety amidst Covid-19 pandemic
  • The efficiency of multidisciplinary approach on provided cancer care
  • Regulatory framework for health professionals’ safety & working conditions in Greece and E.U.