Patient story: ‘There needs to be more education on different types of cancer’

Isla lived with her symptoms for more than a decade before receiving a diagnosis.

Patient story: ‘There was no one there to reassure me’

This patient told us travelling a long distance to receive treatment was the worst part of his experience.

Patient story: ‘We should take charge of our health’

This patient story explores the experience of a respondent with a rare cancer, who felt there wasn’t enough information available.

Patient story: ‘I had to advocate for myself’

This respondent shares her story of adjusting to life with her diagnosis and the need to seek more information.

Patient story: ‘I was operated on within two weeks of my diagnosis’

This patient story details how one respondent was impressed with the speed of her surgery.

Patient story: ‘The diagnosis came three years after my symptoms appeared’

This patient story shares the experience of one respondent who lived with symptoms for three years before receiving a diagnosis.

Patient story: ‘I knew I could trust the whole team’

This patient story highlights the value of multidisciplinary care and the positive effect it has.

Patient story: ‘I took charge of my own care’

This patient story highlights the importance of communication and sharing relevant information.

Patient story: ‘I wish I hadn’t looked it up on the internet’

This patient story highlights the need for improved information sharing and support.