Policy News – 08/2020

Read here the policy news of August 2020:
•Launch of EU Parliamentary Intergroup on Cancer
•EU4Health Budget slashed in European Council Deal
•JRC releases 2020 Estimates on the Burden of Cancer in the EU
•European Cancer Organisation publishes “Strengthening Europe in the Fight Against Cancer: Going Further, Faster”
•“Towards a Cancer Mission in Horizon Europe: Recommendations”

Policy News – 06/2020

Read here the policy news of June 2020:
•European Parliament – Special Committee on Cancer
•EU4Health Programme
•EU Pharmaceutical Strategy
•EU Health Coalition
•Interim Report: Conquering cancer – Mission possible

Patient story: ‘The fact my cancer was missed feels like a failure’

This patient story describes a delay in receiving a diagnosis and struggling with the intense chemotherapy.

Patient story: ‘I never received any psychosocial support’

This patient story recounts the experience of a respondent who experienced severe anxiety and a lack of psychosocial support for himself and his wife.

Patient story: ‘There is a psychological burden on the family’

This patient story talks about the psychological impact of cancer, despite treatment being efficient and effective.

Patient story: ‘I feel that my initial diagnosis was handled badly’

This patient story shares the experience of a respondent who struggled to get the interventions she felt she needed.

Patient story: ‘I don’t know whether I’d have been given so much information if I hadn’t asked’

In this patient story, one respondent discusses the benefits of having a care team willing to answer the patient’s questions

Patient story: ‘Follow-up is difficult – and it lasts forever’

This patient story follows the experience of a woman still living with side effects many years after her cancer treatment.

Patient story: ‘It’s confusing to get mixed messages’

This patient story highlights how distressing a lack of clear information can be for people with cancer.