Cancer nursing skills for changing times

Lena Sharp, President of the European Oncology Nursing Society, details the significance of the updated EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework.

Palliative care: a right for all cancer patients

Suzanne Wait examines the need for making palliative care more available to patients at all stages of their treatment.

Cancer survivorship: supporting patients throughout care and beyond

Suzanne Wait discusses cancer survivorship and the need for appropriate rehabilitation after treatment.

Interview: Georgia Papacleovoulou, Pancreatic Cancer UK

In this interview Georgia Papacleovoulou, Policy and Intelligence Manager at Pancreatic Cancer UK, tells All.Can about a new fast-track surgery pathway in pancreatic cancer care.

Cancer nurses: the unsung heroes

Georgia Papacleovoulou from Pancreatic Cancer UK highlights the importance of cancer nurses and the need for every cancer patient to have access to one.

The need to embed health efficiency into the European Semester

Lieve Wierinck MEP details the importance of efficiency in cancer and the need for putting sustainability on the political agenda.