The past months have been rather eventful for the All.Can Germany office.

Over a stretch of several weeks in autumn of 2020, All.Can Germany organized a total of seven expert interviews on the supply structure of cancer aftercare in Germany with relevant experts, including oncologists and politicians. These interviews were the first part of a two-part project, with the second part being a roundtable with said experts. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic complicated the direct contact with stakeholders and politicians, a virtual roundtable was organized on December 14th 2020. The event was moderated by the esteemed Member of Parliament and expert in the field of oncology, Prof. Dr. Andrew Ullmann, who is also a member of the steering committee at All.Can Germany. High-level stakeholders, such as the German Cancer Society, were part of the roundtable. The discussion results were aggregated and laid the foundation for a report which included recommendations for action regarding the improvement of the situation.

In the early weeks of 2021, All.Can Germany decided to prioritize cancer supply structures in rural areas, with a focus on cancer aftercare as well. Appropriate model regions in different parts of Germany are currently to be investigated.